Technical maintenance of industrial enterprises

About Company

Company «ARBO UKRAINE» welcomes you on our website!

Our company – is a team of professionals that specializes in energy management (a management system that ensures the rational use of fuel and energy resources).

Qualified specialists of «ARBO UKRAINE» company successfully implement activities on creation and implementation of energy-efficient projects, production, supply and installation of energy-saving systems and equipment, and implementation of comprehensive energy audit.

Our company has at its disposal a full instrument park for the creation and implementation of energy saving and energy efficiency projects of any complexity.

Along with this our company carries on business in the following areas:

  • implementation of technical servicing and reparation of Shunting and Main-line Locomotives;
  • implementation of technical servicing and reparation of Lifting cranes (frame cranes, portal cranes, overhead cranes);
  • implementation of supplies and reparation of electric motors and reductors.

Specialists of “ARBO UKRAINE” company work in close cooperation with leading specialists of the Federal Republic of Germany.