Technical maintenance of industrial enterprises

Energy Saving Sensors of Illumination

«ARBO UKRAINE» Company carries out an extensive activities in the design, supply and installation of equipment for energy-saving systems, as well as for alternative and renewable energy systems.

The relevance of this project can not be overestimated, especially considering the situation in the energy sector of Ukraine today.

One of the main objectives of the policy of energy saving and resource saving in Housing and Communal Services – is to reduce the cost of maintaining and operating housing. Savings in energy costs can be achieved by increasing the energy-saving potential relative to electricity consumption.

A more effective way to save energy – is to use motion sensors. The light is on only while someone is moving in the sector of the sensor. As soon as the movenent stops – the countdown timer starts, for example: the resident tries to insert the key into the keyhole. In addition, the electronic sensor of light switch is equipped with a light sensor, when there is enough daylight – the sensor turns off. Motion sensors “see” a person who comes out of the elevator or out of the apartment and for the duration of his stay on the site include light only on this floor.The lighting does not turn on on other floors. Due to the microprocessor technology, motion sensors are resistant to optical, acoustic and electromagnetic obstructions and have a high sensitivity to own heat radiation of a person. The use of motion sensors that control the lighting process on the floors, makes it possible to save up to 95% of electricity and reduce the cost of common areas lighting.

The project on Energy Saving from the “ARBO UKRAINE” Company proposes the installation of specialized light sensors, which are installed instead of a lamp holder with a usual incandescent lamp (electric network up to 220 V). It should be noted that the LED lamp is placed in the anti-vandal case. The device is reliably protected from external influences and from misdeeds, has no harmful substances in it and is completely flameproof.

In the dark and in the light, the lamp is turned off and does not use any resources. When light is >3 +/-1 Lux – the lamp does not turn on. In low light (<3 +/- 1 Lux), the motion sensor (Sensor) responds to a moving object (human) if it hits the sensor’s coverage area (viewing angle 140 ° x 360 °, +/- 5%, working distance of Sensor: up to 8 m) and the LED lamp will turn on. The lamp will turn off during 45 seconds (+/- 15%) after the person leaves the zone. Power consumption: 5W. Operating temperature is -20 °С to + 45 °С.

«ARBOUKRAINE» Company has a successful experience in the implementation of a pilot project in the city of Kiev (25 multi-storey houses in Pecherskiy and Solomenskiy districts of the city of Kiev).