Technical maintenance of industrial enterprises

Solid-Fuel Energy Systems (from 0.2 MW to 20 MW)

Our company specializes in manufacturing equipment for Solid-Fuel Energy Systems (with a power from 0,2 MW to
20 MW)
. Specialists of our company perform a full cycle on the implementation of these projects:

  • Consulting assistance in writing the terms of reference for the Customer;
  • writing of a project;
  • production of equipment;
  • implementation of installation and commissioning works;
  • personnel training;
  • guarantee maintenance.

Types of solid fuels and wastes with which we work

Solid-Fuel Energy Systems of our Company operates on different types of biomass, including:

  • Wood pellets of any quality and ash content
  • Pellets from biomass of phytogenic origin of any quality and ash content
  • Peelings, husk, grain cleaning waste
  • Wood chips and sawdust of any humidity (with grinding and without)
  • Briquettes of all kinds (with grinding and without)
  • Firewood of any humidity (with grinding and without)
  • Peat, coal, lignin
  • Corn cob
  • Dead wastes from grain elevators
  • Poultry dung

All the parameters of sanitary and environmental standards are met in the process of incineration.

Fields of application

  • Industrial enterprises
  • Woodworking enterprises
  • Enterprises of Municipal housing economy
  • Agricultural enterprises (including grain elevators and grain drying complexes)
  • Administrative institutions
  • Educational institutions
  • Medical institutions
  • Sporting institutions
  • Shopping and entertainment complexes
  • Storage facilities (warehouses)